OpenCities was created to help local governments serve better. When we launched in 2008, we realised this vision by assembling a team of incredibly talented government technology experts to build custom city websites that placed residents at the front and centre of the digital experience.

By overlaying resident needs with the very latest design and accessibility best practices, we delivered websites that made it easy for everyone in the community to find information, and self-serve at any time of day, on any device.

While the positive changes we created were nothing less than transformational, they weren't sustainable. Influenced by consumer-grade digital experiences, resident expectations of government websites & online services were evolving faster than cities and counties could possibly keep up with.

Put simply, custom-built websites were not enough. And that's why we created OpenCities.

As a continually evolving Cloud / SaaS platform, OpenCities makes it possible for cities and counties to launch websites, intranets and digital services quickly, beautifully and always in compliance with accessibility and browser standards.

Informed by hundreds of local government projects across the world, OpenCities provides all the functionality your residents and staff need, without custom development. Whatever digital challenges your city or county is facing, there's hardly a customer need that we haven't already encountered and solved.

This means you can get up and running faster and benefit from ongoing upgrades.

Powering millions of daily interactions between residents, staff and local government, OpenCities continuously tests and improves the digital experience and then brings those improvements to every one of our customers with automatic updates and enhancements that are included as standard with our license.

We look forward to partnering with you to help you to serve better.